Manuel Aguilar Jr.

Come by and sign up Course Date(s)-Availability: Summer Camps: Fee: $             (All equipment and Snacks provided)      **Ages: 8-17**


Course Date(s)-Price-Availability: Please Call 956-992-8799 for course dates and availability Course Time: 8:30am-2:15pm, Arrive by 8:25am Required: +Valid Texas Driver’s License Or Identification Card +Handgun Of Choice +50 Rounds +Must Already Be Proficient With The Firearm Being Used For The Course +Eye And Ear Protection Note: Prior practice of the […]

Texas LTCAH Course

**Due to COVID, Ladies Day has been postponed until further notice** Every Tuesday! All day long!! Free range time for the ladies! Free gun rentals for the ladies! All day long, only at Point Blank!

Ladies Day