FFL Transfers

Transfer Fee: $60, $10 off for Texas LTC or CHL holders.

Must be 18+ for Long Guns(Shotguns, Rifles).
Must be 21+ for Handguns(Pistol, Revolver), Pistol Grip Firearms, Receivers, Frames.

We do not ship firearms.
We do not transfer/receive NFA items(Machineguns, Silencers, Short-Barreled Shotguns, Short-Barreled Rifles, Destructive Devices or AOW “Any Other Weapon”).

1. A dealer to dealer transfer form must be filled out at our store after you have purchased the firearm online and have chosen Point Blank to receive your firearm.

2. Failure to fill out a dealer to dealer transfer form may result in your firearm being shipped back to the sender.

3. The actual owner/purchaser of the firearm must fill out the dealer to dealer form.

4. A photo copy of the owner’s/purchaser’s Texas Driver License or Identification Card must be attached to the dealer to dealer transfer form.

5. The actual owner/purchaser must be the one to receive the firearm.

6. The actual owner/purchaser must be the one to fill out a ATF Form 4473 at our store for the transferred firearm once it is at our store.